February 8th – More Links to Horsehoe Crab & Red Knots

Courtesy of PBS show, Crash: A Tale of Two Species.  This show aired last year on PBS.

Horseshoe Crabs

Comprehensive Web site exploring the anatomy, evolution, conservation, and research on the horseshoe crab. Also visit http://horseshoecrab.org/act/act.html for information on how to get involved in helping the horseshoe crab.

Green Eggs & Sand Educational Program
A Tri-State Horseshoe Crab/Shorebird Education Program for middle and high schools students.

University of Delaware Sea Grant College Program
Web site designed to provide the public with research-based information about the horseshoe crab. Plus, information on artificial bait to replace horseshoe crab meat: http://www.ocean.udel.edu/horseshoecrab/Research/bait.html

Horseshoe Crab Research Center
The goal of the Horseshoe Crab Research Center (HCRC) is to provide information required to sustainable manage the horseshoe crab resource for the benefit of all resource users.

Dupont Nature Center – Red Knot & Horseshoe Crab
Owned and operated by the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, this center offers one of the best viewing areas for spawning horseshoe crabs and migratory shorebirds during the peak season.


Red Knots

The Shorebird Project
Larry Niles, featured in “Crash: A Tale of Two Species, and an international team of biologists who monitor red knots and other shorebirds blog about the ongoing news surrounding red knots and other shorebirds.

Friends of the Red Knot
Friends of the Red Knot is a club whose members are working to have the Red Knot bird placed on the Endangered Species List.

Organization dedicated to promoting understanding and awareness of the natural history of shorebirds.

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife’s page on Red Knot Population and Conservation.

American Bird Conservancy
ABC’s mission is to conserve native wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas.


Birding and Conservation

All About Birds
All About Birds is Cornell Lab of Ornithilogy’s Web site for bird basics. Includes info on identifying birds and birding hotspots.

Audubon’s mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

A real-time, online checklist program for bird sightings.

one of the nation’s oldest independent environmental research organizations, Manomet conducts original research on natural systems and wildlife.

Defenders of Wildlife
One of the country’s leaders in science-based, results-oriented wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Conservation Society
Search the WCS Web site for a wealth of information about horseshoe crabs and red knots — as well as about how their fates are intertwined.


2 thoughts on “February 8th – More Links to Horsehoe Crab & Red Knots

  1. My wife, LBB Ward, and I had a house right on the water at Reed’s Beach, NJ for over 16 years. Our noticing the drastic reduction in the Horseshoe Crab population in the early 1990s was one of the inspirations for her fabulous all-ages novel, “Professor Angelicus Visits The Big Blue Ball.”
    It’s a densely educational and entertaining tour de force which explores the extreme interrelationship between all of Earth’s creatures and water.
    There’s a whole chapter “The Bay, King Harry, and the Shorebirds” devoted to this exact relationship.
    She was also very instrumental, through the Delaware Riverkeeper, in forcing the current moratorium on the crab poaching.

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